Carmela PernaCarmela Perna

Carmela Perna was born in Rome. After graduating from the VI Art School of Rome she continues the studies related to the restoration of paintings on canvas and deepened decorative techniques such as trompe l'oeil, and gilding.

Her refined painting technique is a result of research on ancient painting in particular on the Baroque painters, the masters of the Renaissance, Academicism and Symbolism.

All these influences have been translated by the artist into a new language, which is breath in an intimate narration where the thought-action combination becomes carrier.

Her art focuses on the realistic figurative style and combining narrative.<



Carmela PernaThey say about me:
Inspiration, imagination, creativity, are terms that can be easily traced back to the painting of Carmela Perna, who proves to be an all-round artist, with an enterprising and strong-willed personality, who has made the desire to research a real supporting project, in her evolution artistic. The images take on body and consistency and are enriched by the fervent fantasy of imagination and by a subjective form of analysis and observation of reality and mental reworking, by virtue of the binomial thought-action. Sometimes, even just a nod, a whisper, a breath, an image, an object is enough to stimulate inspiration and bring out what is already inherent in the motion of his soul and in the most intimate sphere. And so his art was born. For her, beauty can be appreciated through simple things, those of the most immediate involvement, which immediately generate suggestions and emotional perceptions, without the need to lucubrate cumbersome and sophisticated constructions. His art focuses on the realistic figurative style and on the narrative combination, which absorbs the subject/object protagonist of the painting and puts it in the foreground, structuring the entire compositional frame around it, to give the maximum and most incisive emphasis to the whole . Her work is distinguished by the sense of movement and dynamic rhythm, by the always effective color and chromatic gradations and by the passionate grace, all feminine.

Elena Gollini - Curatore d'arte

 Critica di Elena Gollini - Curatore d'arte